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Founder Akil Esoon, Undeniable Music Founder(UMG), Principle Partner, Producer, Creative Director, Pittsburgh's native son, Akil Esoon has been involved with Arts. culture, & music in a professional capacity for over 20 years. In the early 90’s along with Emmai Aliquiva & DJ Supa C formed one of the most influential groups in the region called Pensoulzinakup. By 1994, He became one of the top freestyle and performance Emcees in the steel city by battling for underground supremacy at the Source Magazine Van in Philadelphia In 1997, Esoon started to explore producing his own musical ideas, and began to incorporate live acoustic and electric instruments. Having played with jazz musicians in his early years, Akil’s extensive knowledge of jazz and soul records from sampling, production it came natural. In 2000’s, Akil was the first to do a live Hip Hop album recording at the spot which would eventually become an internationally known speakeasy for acts, kicking in the door for many artists to perform and record live at the Shadow Lounge. A few years later in 2007, he assume the role of producing Pittsburgh super group “Formula412”. Akil decided by the middle of 2013 to take his vision and use the experienced gain through decades of service to the music industry to birth Undeniable Music Group. He still maintains close personal relationships with many executives and personnel within the music industry. These affiliations and contacts provide UMG with the proper positioning to navigate within the Entertainment industry. Mr. Esoon has placed great emphasis on teaching and mentoring youth. Also, Mr. Esoon’s work as a teaching artist in the city of Pittsburgh has made an impact on youth in the community at large since 1996 through creative programming.

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